At QC UTAH we are focused on providing the highest level of service possible through asking the proper questions, listening to your needs and properly sizing your Quiet Cool fan for your home. We ensure you have the correct venting in your attic to allow for the super-heated air to be exhausted properly.

We do everything possible to keep errors from happening but inevitably there will be mistakes. IN these rare cases we own the problem and focus on the solution until the issues are 100% resolved.

Quiet Cool is owned and 100% manufactured in the United States. This is a core value of the manufacture and of QC UTAH. QC UTAH is a Platinum Dealer for Quiet Cool, and we are focused on Quiet Cool whole house fans is our primary business and not just another product we sell.

We believe. We know that using fresh air to cool and ventilate your home will save you money and is much healthier for you and your family. The EPA studies show indoor air is 2-5 time more polluted than outdoor air and the AMA reports indicate indoor air is directly associated with 1/3 of all health issues.

Recently, Rocky Mountain Power went through all the data and facts showing the energy savings for whole-house fans and now offer a $125 rebate for Quiet Cool whole house fan.

QC UTAH is owned and operated here in South Jordan Utah.

Tony and Robin Traven Owners