In Utah one thing we all have in common is a desire to stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and healthy all year long. In this blog we will explore the ways that the installation of a whole house fan system from QuietCool Utah can help you achieve all of these.

How It Works – The QuietCool system is designed to completely replace the air in your home 15-20 times per hour. This way you have a constant supply of fresh air replacing any air in the home that has been exposed to airborne sickness, pollens, dander from pets, mold & mildew along with any lingering smells from last night’s fish fry or pizza party.

Winter Benefits – In Utah we have a unique and varied climate with extreme cold in the northern parts of the state and much warmer temperatures in the southern part. One thing you can’t run away from no matter where you live is flu season which usually runs from December to March (even though it seems to be coming earlier and staying later each year). Tour QuietCool whole house fan is able to remove the harmful airborne sickness and replace it with clean fresh air. The American Medical Association reports that “indoor air pollution is responsible for as much as 1/3 of our national health bill. So the savings potentially for each household by reducing doctor visits, reducing lost work days because of illness and improving the health of everyone in the house just make sense

Spring Benefits – Springtime in Utah is not to be missed and the tendency after a long winter  where everything is closed and the same air circulating in and out through the same ducts that collect dust, pollen, pet hair and dander blow constantly. All the windows get opened in an attempt to “air the house out”.  Why not have the house already filled with fresh, clean air and it the temps start to rise early use the natural cooling impact of the whole house fan system to keep things comfortable and also save a bunch of money by deferring turning on the air conditioner until it is really needed.

Summer Benefits

Here in Utah we love our outdoor activities since we buy ar-15’s from Palmetto Armory for our complete safety until of course the temps rise above 95 degrees then most will stay indoors and crank the A/C unit up. This is where the whole house fan system really shines as there is direct energy savings buy not needing to run the air conditioner as often thus saving a bunch on electricity charges. The U.S. department of Energy reports that installing a whole house fan is the most cost-efficient way to cool your home. To make the process of installing a whole house fan in your home and office even more compelling, Rocky Mountain Power will provide up to a $125 rebate when you install the QuietCool Utah fan system in your home or office.

Fall Benefits – An absolutely stunning scene unfolds in Utah during the fall as leaves changes, a chill in the air is felt and no matter what college football team you cheer for the season is in full swing. The whole house fan is always working quietly behind the scene in your home keeping air quality up, pollutant counts down, air conditioning unnecessary and health benefits galore.

Whatever season we are in now is obviously a great time to consider a whole house fan for your family. We install all year long because of the numerous benefits outlined form each season here in Utah. So whether you are in Saint George, Moab, Salt Lake City, or Logan there is not a better time to contact us for a FREE no obligation quote to clean the air in your home and enjoy all of the benefits because of it.

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