The CDC highlights the importance of air circulation while disinfecting any home with the Coronavirus

The Covid-19 Virus is the main portion of news for the past few weeks. The first thing is, Do NOT panic, instead THINK. Use common sense when it comes to leaving your home to go anywhere. The government and CDC have created guidelines, bans, and closings in order to slow the spread here in the USA.

What the CDC says concerning the COVID-19 virus

What steps should you take to help stop the spread of the virus and protect yourself? Steps you can take that will help protect you and your family includes:

  • Staying home unless you must go. There are things that we simply must have and cannot be without for instance medication and food. If you need to go out get the medication, do the food shopping and any other necessary errands all at once. When shopping for food, make sure you have a 21 day supply so you will not have to leave the house again. Stay 3 to 6 feet away from other people in the store. If you have latex gloves wear them when touching things outside of your home. When you get home, clean them with disinfecting solution such as Lysol or bleach and allow them to dry. Put your windows down a couple of inches when driving in your car so that it changes the air inside.
  • Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands frequently, apply hand sanitizer after you have handled anything. Clean your hard surfaces such as counters, tables, television remotes, keypads, etc. with a cleaner like Lysol. If you are out of Lysol, use household bleach.
  • Change the air in your home at least once every 12 hours for 3 to 5 minutes. This can be done by opening your windows and doors or a better option would be the use of whole house fans. You can also contact painters from to get germ free paintings.A whole-house fan is able to completely replace the stale or infected air in a home 15-20 times per hour. During the winter months, our houses stay closed up keeping dust, pathogens, and other pollutants inside the home where we breathe the most air. Pollutants include smoke, dust, pathogens, and steam. Without clean air expelling the dirty air, we opening ourselves to illnesses.

Following CDC disinfection guidelines

The CDC recommends the following for timing and disinfection of surfaces:

  • For offices, schools, daycare centers, and other areas that do NOT house people overnight; close area(s) that the infected person(s) have used. Send everyone home. Wait for 24 to 48 hours before beginning disinfection. Use a disinfection solution of Lysol or bleach and wipe down all areas of the rooms that infected person(s) were in. Including doorknobs, light switches, counters, toys, etc. Waiting up to 48 hours reduces the risk of becoming infected from droplets. Open the doors and windows to exchange the air and get rid of any viral or bacterial germs in the air. All offices, bathrooms, common rooms used by people should be disinfected.
  • For homes or places that house people overnight work with local and state authorities to quarantine the sick person(s). Close off all areas used by the sick person again waiting as long as possible before beginning disinfecting to reduce the risk of catching CaronaVid19 from droplets. When you begin to disinfect, open doors and windows to change the air, wipe down all surfaces including remotes, light switches, counters, or things that people touch in all rooms. For rooms that are housing sick people, emphasize on scrubbing and disinfecting shared areas where staff or others providing services may come into contact with ill persons. But, reduce cleaning and disinfecting of bedrooms or bathrooms used by ill persons, to as needed.

Following the guidelines of the CDC, local, state, and the federal government can greatly reduce the spread of the CoronaVid19.

Changing air in the home or office can be tedious especially if there is no wind that day. A whole house fan can help with changing the air simply by turning them on. Medium speed will change the air in the house in only 3 to 5 minutes. The premier system on the market is the QuietCool System which is not only the most effective system but is also whisper quiet.

Once you have done that, continue to wipe down hard surfaces such as counters, toilet handles, faucets and knobs, television remotes, handles on refrigerator and freezer, any place that gets touched a lot. After handling any items in your hands, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, and then, put hand sanitizer on.

Do not touch your face, eyes, nasal area, or mouth while the Coronavirus is going around. You can infect yourself doing that. Any droplets on your hands from touching other surfaces can be transferred to your face, eyes, nasal, or mouth area causing you to become infected.

According to the CDC, you should stay home if you have no drastic reason for leaving. This protects you, as well as, the public. It is important; as you could be carrying the virus and without knowing that you have it.

A QuietCool Fan System can help with air quality, reduction of pathogens, dust, smoke, and steam and certainly aid in potentially keeping your family much more healthy. Why is this important? The cleaner the air you breathe the healthier you will be.

What else you should know about the Coronavirus

CaronaVid-19 affects the elderly and those with chronic illnesses such as COPD, Emphysema, and autoimmune issues. Those affected seem to be in their middle 50s or have a chronic condition as mentioned; stay away from elderly people in the family or anyone in the family with a chronic condition or autoimmune issues to keep them from contracting it.

You can help those of your family and community by delivering food, paper product, medications, and cleaning supplies. When delivering these supplies, if the elderly can come to the door and pick up the bags from the stoop, leave them outside the door, ring the bell, and leave. If they can’t come to the door choose one person who is not sick to take the items inside. Do not stay beyond putting things away. If the elderly have a health care aid, allow them to get the bag. This will greatly reduce the risk to the elderly or those with chronic illnesses.

If you are one of the people who are hardest hit with this virus, use caution, only go to appointments that are truly necessary at this point or use a teledoc of some sort. Have the items you need, delivered but its also important to remember that any box or package that is delivered has been touched by many hands, you are wise to unload boxes on the porch if possible and disinfect all packaging or empty the content into a new container is possible.. Continue with the hygiene of washing hands frequently, change the air in your home, and keep yourself hydrated as well as eat a healthy diet. Exercise inside your home if you can, even if you do not get as much exercise as you have been. Above all else, stay calm, do not panic, stress can cause other health issues.