QuietCool Whole-House Fans

QuietCool whole house fans are the subject of our review today. It seems like almost every day you read about the latest energy saving device or an ad mysteriously shows up in your inbox for a way to save 99% of all your home energy costs, blah, blah, blah. Some of these so called energy-saving solutions are wildly expensive and others are super cheap and look like it.  The introduction of LED lighting is a breakthrough that actually reduces the cost to light a home or specific area and proven to save money and reduce replacement costs.

How about ways to reduce the cooling costs of a home? In Utah the traditional ways to cool a home are central air which is a system where the air is cooled at a central location and the distributed throughout the home using the same ductwork that was installed to heat the home, the majority of the costs to operate a central air unit is in the compressor where the air is actually cooled and then redistributed. Another cooling device you see a lot of in Utah would be a Swamp Cooler or Evaporative Cooler, this unit will usually sit on top of the home with a large duct dropping into a central area of the home and then circulated to a small portion of the home. If you have ever had one of these units you know that on a hot summer day after working in the yard it was always nice to crank up the cooler and stand under it to cool off fast but the rest of the time it was loud, didn’t cool all of the rooms in the home and if you walked under it usually messed up your hair because of the concentrated air flow from one large duct. Granted however a swamp cooler usually reduces the electricity costs significantly compared to central air.

Now let’s look at the merits and costs to install and operate a QuietCool Whole House Fan System.  Forgive the analogy but comparing the central Air system and a Swamp Cooler to a ultra-quiet whole house fan system is like comparing a diesel truck to a new all electric tesla model 3. There is just no comparison, now let’s look at just some of the benefits a Utah Homeowner will see in energy savings, total comfort and high-end efficiency.

Whole-House Fans

Save up to 90% of your current A/C Usage

The Department of Energy has stated that installing an approved and well-engineered Whole-House Fan system can use up to 90% less energy than any of the compressor-based air conditioners.

Cools Your Entire Home

The QuietCool system cool the entire home by up to 30 degrees and also reduces the heat in the attic by up to 50 degrees.Clicking Here let you to find the best attic insulation service.The system will instantly make it feel 10 degrees cooler in the home with air gently circulating around you. The DOE reported also that the most efficient way to cool a home is by installing a whole-house fan system.

Ventilate Your Entire Home

There is not another cooling solution on the market that will also ventilate the home at the same time as cooling it. The QuietCool system completely replaces the volume of air in the home up to 15-20 times per hour.  Why is circulation a good thing? The EPA states that indoor air pollution is often times 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air with pollen, dander from pets, steam, etc.

Get Rid of Foul Odors in Your Home

By circulating the air in the home and effectively replacing old air with new on the hour removes pet smells, cooking or food odors, dog and cat dander which can stay airborne for up to 10 hours as well as airborne viruses that can circulate in your home for up to 10-days. Long after you’re feeling better the original virus is still lurking around.

QuietCool Fan Operates at the Sound of a Wisper

Even with the system on and working full force watching TV, talking or sleeping is not a problem. The patented QuietCool system operates at45-51 dB while a traditional fan operates at over 80 dB.

QuietCool Whole-House Fan Systems are the First Choice in Utah

Installing a whole-house fan system is the most cost effective energy savings system you can install on virtually any home. It is significantly less expensive than a solar system, replacement central air system and delivers all of the above benefits day in and day out.

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