John’s Hopkins recommends increased ventilation in home to stay healthy

At Quiet Cool Utah have always known that the installation of our QuietCool Whole House fan system not only saved a ton of money in cooling costs but also that a home was much healthier when old air and particulates are moved out. So it was rewarding to see that John’s Hopkins School of Public health also recommends increasing ventilation in a home or business by opening windows can help save lives by reducing the spread of a virus and circulating the air.

QuietCool Completely Replaces the Air In Your Home in Just 3-4 Minutes

With the whole house fan system you are able to continually replace old air that can carry virus droplets, airborne pathogens, dust, smoke, steam and pet dander with fresh air in just a few minutes and continue to keep the air fresh by this process occurring between 15-20 times per hour. This mass cooling process is also the reason that the air-conditioning system does not have to work as much thus creating significant savings in cooling costs each season.

Indoor Spread of Respiratory Infection by Recirculation of Air

In a study done by the in regards to controlling or minimizing the effects of an outbreak of any disease such as the coronavirus, measles, influenza or other fast spreading airborne disease they determined that recirculated air such as the units most of us have for our home make a problem worse as they recirculate the same air, they suggested that a the air would need to be disinfected in order to solve the issue. Unfortunately the cost associated with this air cleansing process is prohibitive. It seems to make more sense to move any infected air the A/C unit kicks up out of the home and replace it with cleaner outside air.

Maximum Ventilation for a Healthier Home

American Lung Association Recommends Proper Ventilation for Healthy Indoors

Our lungs are a vital part of life, like the lungs a home needs to be able to breathe to ensure that dust particles, odors, moisture, gases, and other air pollutants are removed and fresh air is circulated in. They have outlined a complete review of the dangers of poor quality air and the challenges triggered by poor ventilation. To read the entire article at the American Lung Association click here

Whole House Fans and the COVID-19 Virus

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has consumed the entire media cycle 24 hours a day, this unseen virus has brought the entire global economy to a standstill, over 24 million Americans are now out of work and filing for unemployment, protests are erupting from those that can’t survive any longer without a paycheck and protesting in hopes of opening up this economy sooner than later. The one thing that is painfully obvious to all of us is that outside of our homes there is significantly more risk now than there ever was in picking up a bug, getting sick or worse yet losing your life. We recently outlined a very detailed blog post on why whole house fans are the natural, inexpensive and perfect solution to help keep your only safe place “HOME” as healthy as you can make it for your family not only today but for years to come and save a bunch in cooling costs as well.

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