What Our Clients Are Saying

I live in Southern Calif. inland area where summertime temperatures tend to range 90 F to 105 F during the daytime. I installed the 2 Speed QC LC-3100 in the central hallway (house is 1700 SF). When the temperature out side drops to the desired inside temperature I turn the AC off, open the windows and the QC fan on. It works well, keeping the house cool. I open occupied bedroom windows and one window at the opposite end of the house. I did add one QC CL-1500 in the master bedroom so that I can close the master bedroom door for greater privacy (I highly recommend this). I run the AC about 3-4 hours less per day in the warm weather, usually May or June thru September or October. The best thing about Quiet Cool fans are they are way quieter than the cheaper ceiling fans which sound like a piper cub taking off. Living and sleeping is so much more comfortable with the Quiet Cool fan, well worth the extra cost. If you are handy with tools and have room to move around in your attic, then you can install this yourself in a few hours.

We have a 2 story home and the second floor was always hot, even with the A/C running at max. A/C just couldnt cool the upstairs rooms and sleeping at night on a summer day was unbearable. So, I did a little read each and I purchased and installed a quiet cool system in my house 4 years ago. I can honestly say it's one of the very best investments I've ever made for my house. It's ability to cool down the house in the evenings is unbelievable. The fans are very quiet, reliable, and do an amazing job. They pull so much air through the house it cools it down in seconds. Recently I installed smart outlets where the fans get power and now I can control them from my smart phone. I can turn them on when away from the home and then come home to a nice cool house. Best money ever spent!! We almost never use our A/C anymore, as the quiet cool fans do the job. Recommend to all!

I have used Quiet Cool Fans in my last two homes. I hear people complain about their electric bills if they have a/c, and the ones that get home after a hot summer day without a/c.I always smile and then tell them about my quiet cool fans. My family loves them.

I self installed the QC CL-3100 fan in a 1500 sq ft ranch style home with the 2 speed switch and timer. The fan is unbelievably quiet, when we turn it on, it feels more like a cool late spring breeze wafting through the house rather than a vent fan. A/C usage has been cut by half and the comfort level in the house has increased considerably. My attic was a bit tight, but installation was straight forward and should go smoothly for anyone with basic carpentry experience, the wiring on the two speed switch with timer was a little more challenging but after everything was done, it was a great feeling of accomplishment. It costs a little more but delivers a lot more.

My wife and I live in the Sacramento area which gets ridiculously hot during the summer and early fall months. We recently moved into an older home - an upgrade for us but missing many of the cost effective energy upgrades that our previous home was built with. We decided we needed a whole house fan but really dislike excess background noise. Enter - the QuietCool QC-CL-2250. This has changed our lives. Each evening, the AC is able to be shut off and we kick on the QuietCool - what a difference! The house drops degrees in minutes, saving us a ton of money and keeping us comfortable. Installation was very easy - my father and I installed it in a single afternoon including wiring, grill, switch, etc. I imagine if it's not a project you wish to tackle, you still save $$ due to the simplified installation - taking a professional less time as well. I owe many good nights of rest and cool relaxing evenings of comfort to my Quiet Cool 2250, and I can say with confidence that I will not be without one again. Should I require a change in residence, I will most certainly install a quiet cool wherever I wind up. Highly recommend this line of whole house fans - you won't be disappointed. Rather, you'll be staring at your thermostat as my Wife and I did, literally watching the temperature plummet as fresh air is pulled throughout the house.

I hemmed and hawed at the price for about a year, but I’ve installed WH Fans in homes I’ve previously owned. I had to cut ceiling joists and frame it in. Installation was a pain! And as you know, other brands are very loud. On my current home, I decided to bite the bullet and buy QC. I am so happy I did! Installation was a breeze (pun intended)! This unit is almost unnoticeable on high speed. I also bought the Wi-Fi controller. Wiring took about 15 minutes. Just a great product! Great job on engineering, guys and gals! I left 5 Star reviews on Amazon and Facebook.

We did our homework before purchasing a whole house fan. One of our neighbors has a QuietCool fan and another has another brand. Both neighbors let us come to their home to see and hear the fans. Hands down, the QuietCool fan was the quietest whole house fan. We purchased our fan in the spring and used it daily the entire summer. We live in a 2 story home and the house cools down in minutes. We not only enjoyed a cool home this summer but our electric bill remained low.